It is the Year of the Realm 765… 

    …and chaos reigns all over Creation. The former rulers of 
    Creation have returned and slowly regain power bases all over the world. The Realm of the Dragon-Blooded Dynasts, once the undisputed ruling empire, is now besieged on every side by these Anathema and is even more at war on the inside. The public at large does not know it, but the Scarlet Empress has vanished, leaving the Throne in the Imperial City vacant. The royal families struggle for dominion, as powerful entities stir in every corner of Creation.

    The North is no different, as the Solar Bull of the North was successful in uniting the tribes of the frozen wastes under his command. In less than a year, he turned them into one of Creation's most efficient fighting forces and is threatening the dominance of the city-states. Meanwhile, the dead of Menara Falls, known for their anarchy, have sworn fealty to the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible and have been turned into an army of the undead. Both forces threatened Whitewall, and so it called for help from the Realm. Their call was answered, and a wing of soldiers led by Mnemon Okoto and his pupil Ledaal Idris arrived in the city. They had barely enough time to fortify Whitewall before the undead forces swept towards it. Fortunately, ancient spells protected the city, but parts of the wall were still destroyed. Unlocking his hidden powers after the death of his lover, Ledaal Idris single-handedly destroyed most of the Bishop's forces and impressed the Bull, who just arrived with his troops. After that, the Dragon-Blooded fled into the northern wastes and was branded Anathema, for his powers were beyond those of the Dragon-Blooded.

    Today, Whitewall's protective wall has been rebuilt for the most part, but the city at large still recovers from the battle. The Syndics have grown tired of their rule and seem to lose their control. Foreigners set up shop here and undermine the law through bribery and influence. Even though most Whitewallers hold on to their traditions of civility, the city is slowly being corrupted.

    It is in these days that a young Lunar by the name of Shield of Feline Courage, or just Courage, has followed his calling to become a protector of those who suffer. Masking as a dancer, pleasure-boy and escort, he infiltrates the establishments of those who are corrupt and evil towards their servants and passes his own judgement. 

    This is his story. 


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